Q&A with Sims Patrick

January 29, 2024

Join us for a Q&A with the principals of Sims Patrick on the Hotel Hartness project. Explore the design and craftsmanship behind this exceptional property, where BSF brought intricate designs to life.

What inspired the design concept for Hotel Hartness?

The hotel’s design concept relates directly to its idyllic setting, incorporating nods to nature and the environment throughout. Located on the existing Hartness Living Development and building off the prominent Hartness family’s decades-long history in the area, the hotel sits on 400 acres of rolling meadows, lakes, trails, and pecan groves. Each of the many spaces within explore how light, textures, local woods, and foliage can provide a space with depth and meaning, as well as how this changes at different points throughout the day. Building off the rich history of local charity, civic events, community, and friendship that is synonymous with the Hartness family name, the Hotel Hartness blends the location’s past with a modern spirit.

Were there any specific design challenges you encountered during this project, and how did you overcome them? 

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19, our 5-year project experienced intermittent starts and stops, marked by multiple rounds of VE. Throughout this journey, the support of our outstanding Purchasing Agent and Contractor proved to be essential, playing a pivotal role in guiding us towards the successful completion of the project. 

How did the collaboration with BSF come about, and what made them an ideal partner for this project?

Our collaboration with the BSF team for our BDNY (Boutique Design New York) design booth, Beaujois Speakeasy, offered us a firsthand insight into their operational excellence. Working closely with them was a seamless experience—they proved to be not only highly cooperative and accommodating but also delivered exceptional shop drawings. The end result exceeded our expectations, showcasing the quality of their work. After the show, our confidence in them led to a successful partnership for completing the guestroom casegoods, and once again, they delivered outstanding results.

What considerations went into selecting materials and finishes for the furniture pieces in this project? 

All the finishes and furnishings selections tied back to our narrative for the project.  The color palette and wood species all played a part of the textures of the local woods and foliage. We wanted to consider the Hotel’s surroundings and the idea of how each space evoked a different feeling based on what time of the day it was designed to represent. We also had to take into consideration the actual design of the furniture in order to choose which fabrics would fit right with each furniture piece.

How did the choice of materials align with the overall design concept?

The space’s unique aesthetic combines a variety of warm, earthy neutrals and textures, featuring a mixture of antique gold metal and black steel, smoky gray glass mirrored finishes, and raw cut quartz stone walls. Natural elements were also reinterpreted into the design of each space—the vestibule itself represents dawn with its sun-like dramatic light pendant, and the reception area represents the dark moodiness of night with its moon-like light fixture and rug design. Book-matched gray and taupe marble veined fireplaces, pecan wood veneers, and reclaimed rustic barn wood walls and beams are also featured prominently, with art sourced from local Greenville artists incorporated throughout.

In your opinion, what was the most significant impact of BSF’s involvement in this project?

BSF demonstrated diligence in addressing any minor issues that arose during the installation process. As a designer, trusting a vendor to proactively handle such matters is so important, allowing us to focus on the creative aspects without the burden of problem-solving. The true significance lies in how the project culminates – it’s not merely about securing a project but ensuring its completion to the highest standards. 

What would you say to other designers considering partnering with BSF? 

Our experience with BSF has been exceptional. They not only successfully completed the guestrooms but also crafted specialty pieces for our public spaces. The impeccable quality of their work seamlessly aligned with both our budgetary constraints and timeline, showcasing their commitment to delivering excellence.