Provide progress photo’s of all pieces at different stages of production.


Delivery: Products produced domestically typically ship within 8-10 weeks of shop drawing approval and receipt of deposit. Products produced overseas typically deliver within 12-14 weeks of shop drawing approval and receipt of deposit.


Provide BSF standard finish samples or finishes to match customers sample within 5 days of order.


Provide detailed shop drawings for all pieces ordered within 3-5 business days.


Detailed acknowledgment sent within 48 hours including key steps with dates required to meet desired delivery date.


Collaborate with the customer, providing pricing “as specified” including VE options as appropriate factoring in lead time and budget requirements in 3-5 business days.

Quality Control System & Policy

Project Planning, Development & Engineering – This is the first step in ensuring that our products will deliver the desired design aesthetic with the required functionality.

Purchasing Phase – The orders of raw materials are based on the real needs generated by the order list. The orders capture specific materials and finished materials that are the ingredients for a perfect build.

Incoming Material Check – All goods delivered from third party suppliers or from clients are checked according to our Quality Control process. During material offloading, documents are checked, box status and integrity of packaging is checked, reciprocity check between documents and boxes labeling is confirmed. All materials are physically inspected and compared with the tolerances indicated for different categories, in order to proceed into production only the materials matching the quality requirements are used. Additionally, suppliers are checked according to a thorough evaluation form for cConsistency and conformity.

Production Check – Each item being produced is inspected at multiple stages of the manufacturing process. The process covers the activities of manufacturing of the product by cutting, assembly, finishing, finished product and packaging. The purpose of the process is to ensure the production of products conforming to the requirements specified for the satisfaction of the customer needs.

Packaging & Shipping – Great care is taken to package and ship to minimize or eliminate the potential for damage during shipping. All upholstery pieces are wrapped in foam, plastic bagged with the legs protected, cartoned and labeled per the customers’ instructions. All case good pieces are additionally protected with Styrofoam and corner blocks before being cartoned. The containers or trucks are packed tightly, braced and strapped to prevent movement. As a result, BSF orders result in very few damage claims, which means little to no delays so project installations can move forward as planned.